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Is it proper to be presented in a jazz club?

Huh? This is an emphatic no! I’m assuming what you mean is a typical jazz club with a stage, cafe tables, and cramped quarters. Even if you’re talking about something a little classier, it’s still a no.

You are making your debut to your family and friends (new and old); you’re not putting on a show. The idea is that you, your guests, and your family can enjoy an evening of elegance and beauty, while socializing in a beautiful venue during a nice meal. Unless you come from a family of circus jugglers and that’s their “thing,” you’re not performing.

A venue should be able to accommodate an evening that spans 4+ hours, without interruption. It should also have professional lighting and sound (which I assume it will at a jazz club), formally dressed wait staff, programs, and ample room to be presented onto a promenade.

No, it is not proper to be presented in a jazz club.




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